Company Profile

Cal Tech has a proven, efficient and professional management team that can deliver projects that enhance the economic, social and cultural standards of countries and regions, on time and on budget.

The policy and strategy of the Cal Tech is to concentrate its efforts and activities on projects where its special skills, knowhow, risk evaluation, and overall team brings together the abilities and strength to create cost effective and technically well managed projects in the areas in which we operate.

The company has a comprehensive knowledge of the economic, legal, political, internal and external sensitivities and commercial business practices and regulations in the many countries in which it is active. CTI serves the United States, Russia, Africa and the Middle East.

Company Overview

Cal Tech International (CTI) was established in 1988, based in Dallas, Texas, U.S.A. The company is focused on lucrative gas development in Western Siberia. CTI participates in the development of proven Gas-to-Liquid Technology (GTL) which is competitive at current world prices.  Engineering design underway to establish the first comercial GTL plant in Dallas Fort Worth area with the capacity for 150 thousand MT. It also participates in the development of power plants in Asia. It offers diesel oil, gasoline, Jet Fuel (JP54) and other carbon derivatives in the United States, Europe, Far East and Africa. 

Frederick Smith, Chairman & C.E.O.
Capt. Warner R. Haack, Executive Vice President International
Mr. George Elking, Executive Vice President Sales
Mr. Karl R. ZIEBARTH, Chief Financial Officer and Senior Vice President
Mr. Fredrick Smith is Chairman & C.E.O. of Cal Tech International Inc. Smith has spent most of his career involved in advising and consulting for major Power and Energy Companies wishing to enter Middle Eastern and European Markets. He has advised many chief executives on contract and counter trade negotiations in a wide variety of countries. His experience includes high-level political contacts that he has acquired during his career.
He has operated at senior levels in the American Steel Export Company and Tele-Press International Paris, which involved extensive travel throughout the Middle East and Europe. He holds degrees in International Relations from the University of Lyon and Business Administration from the University of Lebanon. Fluent In Arabic, French and Circassian, he brings a wealth of experience and political savvy to our activities.

Capt. Werner R. Haack, Executive Vice President International. Werner, as a master mariner and international trade merchant, has an extensive background in international shipping and transport and business relations.
Werner joined Cal Tech Int’l in 2002 and has spent the past ten years working as an oil industry consultant.
During his professional career, he has spent more than 20 years in the Middle East as CEO of International Transport and Shipping companies and also consulted for the U.N., E.U. and the German government. He has specialized in the field of business development and brings extensive international business contacts on the private sector as well as on the governmental level.

Mr. George Elking, Senior Vice President Sales. George Elking has decades of relationships in the transportation, business and government sectors of the US Economy. His experience and contacts make George a valuable asset for Cal Tech.

Mr. Karl R. Ziebarth, Senior Vice President – Chief Financial Officer. Karl Ziebarth is a professional Transportation and financial consultant, with wide experience in a variety of business enterprises. He served for many years as Executive Vice-president and Chief Financial Officer of the MissouriKansasTexasRR, was formerly Chief Financial Officer, Evergreen Transportation, Inc. and currently is Chairman of the Board, Santa Fe Southern Railway. He works widely around the world for institutions such as the World Bank, and various international agencies, as well as for private sector clients and sovereign governments. Karl earned a B.A. from Yale University, and did graduate work at New York University. He began his career as a security analyst and investment banker.

His working experience covers the entire spectrum of business activities, including general management, finance, international marketing, sales strategies and policy determination. In addition, Karl brings superior knowledge of regulatory and legal affairs and has international experience in product development covering the entire product life cycle.