Cal Tech has a proven, efficient and professional management team that can deliver projects that enhance the economic, social and cultural standards of countries and regions, on time and on budget.

The policy and strategy of the Cal Tech is to concentrate its efforts and activities on projects where its special skills, knowhow, risk evaluation, and overall team brings together the abilities and strength to create cost effective and technically well managed projects in the areas in which we operate.

The company has a comprehensive knowledge of the economic, legal, political, internal and external sensitivities and commercial business practices and regulations in the many countries in which it is active. CTI serves the United States, Russia, Africa and the Middle East.

Extensive Manufacturing Capabilities

Cal Tech International employes state of the art manufacturing technologies and processes. Manufacturing is both internal and outsourced. CTI offers contract manufacturing services.


Milling Centers from Mori Seiki, Matsuura, Makino, FIDIA.

WaterJet Cutting

CO2, Fiber, and UV Laser; Welding, Cutting, Engraving, and Marking Processes

Additive Electron Beam Manufacturing

Additive Laser Manufacturing

Injection Molding

HD Plasma Cutting

Electrical Discharge Machining

Fused Deposition Modeling

Sheet Metal Fabrication and Finishing

Chemical Vapor Deposition

Inert Environment Induction Furnaces and Pure Arc Melt Furnaces

Crystal Growth Furnaces Utilizing Multiple Methods

Semi-Conductor Manufacturing

Circuit Board Manufacturing

Finishing Technologies for Coating Alloy Surfaces

Amorphous Alloy Manufacturing

Wire Manufacturing

Metal Casting

Electron Beam and X-Ray Microscopy

Designer Material Synthesis Capabilities (including Carbon NanoTubes and Exotic Alloys)

Clean Room Environments

Chemical Processing and Synthesis