Cal Tech has a proven, efficient and professional management team that can deliver projects that enhance the economic, social and cultural standards of countries and regions, on time and on budget.

The policy and strategy of the Cal Tech is to concentrate its efforts and activities on projects where its special skills, knowhow, risk evaluation, and overall team brings together the abilities and strength to create cost effective and technically well managed projects in the areas in which we operate.

The company has a comprehensive knowledge of the economic, legal, political, internal and external sensitivities and commercial business practices and regulations in the many countries in which it is active. CTI serves the United States, Russia, Africa and the Middle East.

LENYA Temperature Control Systems

Cal Tech International, Inc has acquired USA domestics sales and service rights to the temperature control systems produced by Wuxi Guanya Refrigeration Technology Co., LTD. These versatile temperature control systems provide best in class performance and reliability for temperature sensitive applications.

The versatility of these systems are suited for applications including but not limited to chemistry, reactor control, pharmaceutical, medical, biochemical, military, lasers, data centers, process control, general temperature control, and other high tech applications.

Most of the equipment incorporates touch screen controls and digital reporting. Units come in various sizes, configurations, and temperature control ranges including ultra low temperatures reaching minus 150 centigrade, and high temperatures reaching up to 300 centigrade.

The systems incorporating dynamic temperature control, are able to accurately maintain temperatures at a user defined set point, by heating or cooling the recirculating fluidic medium as needed.

Contact the CTI sales department for pricing information, and sales support.

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CTE GTL Technology

Cal Tech Energy, Inc has acquired international rights to a breakthrough new GTL (Gas To Liquid) technology developed in the former Russian empire. This new GTL Technology permits the conversion of natural gas to petroleum liquids such as methanol, benzene kerosene, diesel oil, gasoline, and so forth without going through an intermediate synthesis process. This research breakthrough was privatized in 2000.

This technology is the culmination of many years of development in pre and post Soviet times carried out by scientists employed with the Russian Space Agency and the Academy of Sciences.

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